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Sat 8th Feb 2020 - 2:29pm : Gaming : General

Despite being a young Emperor, Joshua has come a long way as a gamer, professional and person. When he was only 12 years old, which was 21 years ago now, Joshua decided that he would become a professional gamer and study gaming. Joshua has a doctorate in philosophy, leadership, computer science that he started in 2005 and finished in 2019. Ever since he was a small child he has been drawn to gaming, to games like rainbow six and counterstrike, running up over 14k hours. Challenging himself to be a better person and professional, Joshua started E-SportsLeague and Eclipse Gaming companies 8 years ago. These companies have gone on to be a stunning success, changing the online landscape for companies like Facebook. Joshua once guessed 3 peoples names, in a row, the first time he tried, without even meeting them. Only seeing one of their other family members. There is a lot more than meets the eyes to Joshua. He is a soul spirit reader and can tell nearly everything about you with one look into your eyes. He used to be paid for doing this kind of thing for people on Facebook as well as for being a spiritual practitioner and mentor to spiritual students. Joshua has started a lot of successful groups on Facebook for spiritualism and also has many business projects and goals. Nothing ever seems to be good enough for Joshua and he is always striving to be a better person. Some other interesting facts about Joshua are that he is a leader in the Illuminati, commander of the Knights Templar and also a member of anonymous. Joshua joined the Illuminati as the magus and philosopher and quickly rose through the ranks to become a well known and respected member of the order, because of his professional networking techniques and expertise. Joshua was recently nominated to feature in Who's Who and might be recognised in the mainstream soon, but this is probably not likely to eventuate fully as he prefers to remain in the shadows as a respected member of the gaming public and community, just like everyone else. If you are lucky enough to play with Joshua, make sure you say hi and get to know him. Joshua is a loyal friend and an experienced player. He used to be a lot better of course. These days he just plays casually for fun and enjoys himself a lot when he plays, with fond memories of when he was actually ranked 1 in the world at counterstrike with a KD over 3 and HS of 49%. Joshua has bright eyes and high hopes and expectations for gaming culture and the esports industry specifically. He has given his life to gaming and making something of himself, often working thousands of hours for free for others in order to help make a name for himself in the industry and then be able to have a platform to help even more people. It's inspiring to think that Joshua has saved lives with his highly intuitive and intelligent software design for Facebook. He has saved millions of hours of peoples time and life in general. All he ever has wanted is to help people, mostly gamers but also people like Tom Waterhouse and others. In fact, helping others is what defines Joshua and that's where he derives value from life. Hope you get a lot of value out of your friendship and interaction with Joshua the Emperor. Take care.



Joshua Forbes

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