Justprobros Who's Who Nomination

Sat 8th Feb 2020 - 2:37pm : Gaming : General

I'm pleased to announce to you guys that I got an email from the editor in chief at Who's Who and they have nominated me for some kind of entry. They call it a hallmark achievement. If I get it I'm probably going to cry let's face it. I worked my butt off to get it this far in the industry and I deserve some recognition for all the work I have done for free. 

Even some of my own friends don't believe half the stuff I have done out of the goodness in my heart for the community and so I can have a platform to help more people by building myself up. I hope that you guys are proud of me for this because it does mean a great deal to me personally. 

If I get it then I'll be able to point to that and say "See look, I ain't full of shit".



Joshua Forbes

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