Michelle Lau Just Joined PHSYKER

Sat 30th Sep 2017 - 8:45pm : Gaming

So, I was head hunting professional poker players last night and ran into Michelle Lau, a very interesting and talented lady professional poker player. My mind was blown when after introducing PHSYKER to her, Michelle decided to join!

This is great news for PHSYKER, as we are meant to be a combination of professional gaming and gambling. You will see me adding other professional gamblers to the mix as time goes on. These professional gamblers will be adding content to and managing the site. 

Professional gamblers will eventually help to manage eSports teams in many different areas including coaching and helping shape our players professional outlook on the world of eSports and their place in it as a professional gamer. 

We are all celebrating hard-core after Michelle very kindly agreed to join PHSYKER. Keep your eyes open for all new content and updates by our leading professional gamblers. This makes things interesting!!



Joshua Forbes

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