CS:GO Moving Ahead

Sun 5th Aug 2018 - 12:21pm Gaming

So we have completed yet another CS:GO team!

I've been adding players to the website and it won't be long until we are fully organised on:





Skype: mememaster1 (CEO)

This team is not a professional team. It is a group of amateurs and friends who love PHSYKER and who want to improve as players and as people. Al that we expect from them is that they try their hardest in training, online tournaments and in LANS and spread the name of PHSYEKR far and wide!

Special thanks must go to Tommy (CS:GO team member) for helping to set up the team which was quite challenging, but we got there in the end. 

You can expect updates in content for the CS:GO team. I'm going to try and get at least one of them streaming and we will be adding pickss and getting them to blog about their PHSYKER experience. 

PHSYKER Team Members can expect freebies from (our main sponsor) 

All expenses trip around Australia and the world the play in LAN events  (just cause)

FREE gaming apparel (PHSYKER esports jerseys and PHSYKER esports Hoodies)

Get ready to be mesmerised by Team PHSYKER CS:GO. We are expecting them to train hard and are looking forward to making improvements to their counter-strike game.


Thanks for supporting Team PHSYKER CS:GO! Stay tuned for more updates and exiting content! 


Coach (CS:GO)



Joshua Forbes

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