Fri 28th Dec 2018 - 5:54pm : Gaming

Hey guys,


So far things are going really well for PHSYKER. Our website is growing every day with new users. The forum is really popular. 


We are having some challenges with our teams and their management. A lack of discipline and commitment within our CS:GO team has been an issue all along. In order to remedy the situation management will be rebuilding the CS:GO team with committed players and possibly even professionals. 


To do this, we are looking into getting a professional account with and making the team there. 


Thanks for the support!



Joshua Forbes

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  • Mon 14th Jan 2019 - 5:13pm

    and this blog was brought to you by a self claimed ceo who is clearly blaming the actions of the members who were active! A self claimed ceo who failed to communicate on a platform that majority of the members communicated on! Would be great to bitch about us to the actual fucking members rather than try and recruit one of my friends who literally degraded you just like you have in your conversation w him. Good luck !!!!

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