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Tue 4th Jul 2017 - 6:18am : Gaming

So I'd been thinking about creating a professional eSports organisation for some time, and while networking I noticed that my old buddy TeGs seemed a bit out of shape. It said on his LinkedIn profile that he had just left this job at a co-cart ring. I thought I'd approach him and see what was up. Turns out TeGs wanted to get back into eSports again and he remembered me from way back. On the forums where everyone used to banter.. ahh.. What was it called? Got Games that's right. I don't even think that site is around anymore lol. 

BJ explained to me that he wanted to create a professional gaming organisation with multiple teams and players. I thought it sounded cool, so I got to designing the website, with my advisors, who recommended some functions and BJ was really impressed when I showed him the designs for the site. We decided to commit to each other and our dreams of creating a truly great org. I got stuck into the website and coming up with ideas for a team name and BJ went to recruiting players. 

So as it stands I believe we have recruited a team from NZ. A CS:GO LAN team BJ tells me and it's very exciting. I came up with the name PhSyKeR and things seem like they are falling in place. Maybe it's destiny. So, right now I'm just putting as much work into the site as I can right now. We'll be adding the features I was talking about earlier once we have a solid foundation, brand and online presence. Stay tuned for more PhSyKeR updates and blogs from the executive staff and players! Thanks for tuning in and being a fan of PhSyKeR! 

- Joshua "Justprobro" Forbes [S K R ]




Joshua Forbes

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