New Counter-Strike Team

Sat 13th Jan 2018 - 5:03pm : General

So, as everyone probably knows, we had the last CS:GO team that we recruited, drop out because they got offered a better deal. We don't give up here at PHSYKER though, and even though this was a fair blow, doesn't mean we are going to stop... although, I did take a break for a bit.

I have recruited another captain with a skill rating of 10 on Faceit. A young man who is very skilled at Counter-Strike GO and who has a lot of promice. It's hard to get a skill rating of 10 on Faceit, no one in my own region has that. 

What is happening now is I have told this new captain to make another team of skilled CS:GO players. He can make the team exactly how he wants, as he's a lurker and this means that he will know what kind of players he wants to work with. 

It won't be long before we have a new CS:GO team and you guys will be able to follow their progress, watch them player and have a PHSYKER team to support. 



Joshua Forbes

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