The Inner Esports Goku

Fri 11th Dec 2020 - 12:59pm

Depending on what stage of life you are at, gives you a few different options as to how you’re going to be able to progress your career. The main thing is that you stay hungry and stay disciplined, both in how you approach games and how you treat yourself. If you are younger then I suggest training at least 4 hours a day and start making demo videos highlighting your plays. Focus on one particular playing style in a particular game, get super good at being relevant in-game and helping your teammates out. When you get to be around 16 years old, this is when you should attempt to join an esports gaming team. Do not try and create your own team with friends, look for strong teams with young players who need someone specific to your role. Once you join a team you should view it as a learning experience not as the be all and end all of your career. Stay on with this team for as long as possible but stay open to the possibility of changing teams as you go. Once you are in a good team and are a bit more mature you will then be able to unleash your inner esports Goku, this isn’t for kids. You need to be an adult to go full Goku. Here is how you do it.

You need to focus on the parts of the game where you shine the brightest and start trying to duplicate this part of the game, what is happening in the game and how you are winning, and building down on becoming more focused and determined during this part of the game. Look at the way you play the game and think about when you are playing at your best and at what part of the game. Start thinking about why you could have been playing better and reproduce the elements that lead up to a winning situation in the game. Eventually, the part of the game we are referring to here will become the whole game and part of every part of your gameplay, but at the start, you may find that you aren’t doing too well and need to dig deep to find these parts of your game. Once you have found them, never let them go and build on them as skills that you can work on in order to become more of a winning player in the long run and unleash your inner Goku gamer.

Confidence is a huge part of the winning Goku style. You need to go into every game and every situation inside that game as if you are going to have all the answers you need to be able to make the right decisions and win the game. If you find yourself looking for the answers, then you should have done more research. If you find yourself falling short, then you should have done more preparation. If you find yourself being outclassed, you need to focus on defensiveness and preparedness, no aggression at all. For every part of your game where you fall short, you will have the possibility or opportunity of blaming someone else or attributing the loss on someone else’s good play. There is never a reason outside your own play that gives the possibility of someone to beat you. If you are a flawless Goku player, you shouldn’t be losing many games at all.

Skills are what wins games. The application of winning skills during the correct period of the game whereby these skills have the amount of impact that is needed to change the result of the score or the outcome of the game. The trick about being a Goku gamer when it comes to skills is having a lot of them, but only about 4 or 5 skills that are legendary skills. These are skills like legendary aim, clue, mechanics, machine technique, one on one, tactics, teamwork, movement, materials, communication, leader, multi-kill, diversion, ganking ect. The key to making your skills better is learning which skills can be applied when and which skills are the most effective in different situations. The Goku player at the top of his game knows what play to make and when and is super intense and focused during all periods of the game. He will be using many skills during a single round and will switch seamlessly between skills on the fly. The legendary Goku professional player who is ranked 1 in the game may even invent new skills or attempt to master smaller skills during games because he realises that he may need a skill that he has not mastered in practise. It’s second nature to the winning Goku player who knows his game inside out and doesn’t have any reservations about it or about how he is going to win, because he has done it so many times.



Joshua Forbes

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