What is Auto Chess? From Pawn to Queen.

Mon 17th Jun 2019 - 4:14pm Gaming

Mod of a Mod

Autochess is a mod of a mod of an online video game. The initial mod of WarCraft III was called DotA, and the mod of the successor to DotA in the game of DotA 2, created by Valve, is called DotA 2 Auto Chess. Created and released by Drodo Studio in January of 2019, this eight-player game had it's humble origins in the arcade mode of DotA 2. Similar to how many games start out as lowly pawns in the frontline of the ocean of games in the marketplace, Auto Chess also started out as a pawn.

So how did a pawn ascend to the status of a queen? Through it's solid mechanics and simple-to-learn playstyle. DotA 2 Auto Chess captured a piece of the hearts of many DotA 2 fans and outside fans alike. DotA 2 Auto Chess achieved what its cousin, Valve's card game Artifact, could never hope to achieve. Instead of remaining an artifact among the game library of it's fans and playerbase, Auto Chess is becoming the next hit-phenomenon. 

Dota and Auto Chess (Strategy of business)

Due to the fact that Auto Chess uses the overall archetype of the Dota 2 heroes and items, Auto Chess and Dota 2 are actually synergizing in what could be called a symbiotic relationship in the marketplace. Rather than acting as competitors to each other, such as League of Legends and Dota 2, Auto Chess actually supports the fanbase of Dota 2 while gaining it's own playerbase from the larger game, and even being supported by the larger game through a premium pass that can be purchased to help support both game developers/owners.  

Even though the Auto Chess developers drew their inspiration for the game from the Chinese tabletop/gambling game of MahJong, Auto Chess has a ranking system not unlike that of Chess. The player can start out with a ranking of Pawn, and slowly ascend up to Queen status. 

Auto Chess win conditions

The Auto Chess win condition is that you wipe out all the other seven players on the eight boards that appear in the game. The addition of cosmetics and cute looking characters in the mobile-version of the Auto Chess also aids the victory of both Drodo Studio and Valve's Dota Underlords in today's competitive marketplace. These cute cosmetics expand the player pool of the game to well beyond the typical Dota age group. The mobile game also can capture the gamer's attention and hunger for competition while the gamer does not have direct access to a desktop setup or computer. Much like how Apple technology has mobile devices and desktop devices, Auto Chess also is now available in those same forms. Thus, it is a win-win situation for all the players of the Auto Chess "empire" involved in this business strategy.

Auto Chess future 

The simple yet fun nature of the game will lead to this game design, the "auto-battler" genre, to be the next game to rival traditional Chess or the strategy game Go. It has the complexity of Chess, the excitement of a Roman Gladiator fight, and most importantly, it has won the heart of the players. This Auto Chess generation of gamers will likely play these games for decades to come. A new era and queen of gaming has been birthed.



Kevin Liou

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