Gaming in all its forms: Humanity's gaming addiction or salvation?

Thu 29th Oct 2020 - 9:00pm Gaming


What is a gamer?

Gamer as defined by myself, Diorcus, would fall somewhere inbetween athlete, chess-player, and performer. We are the ultimate expression of the living universe/Creator.

What is Art?

Art is a basis for human innovation. Art is a formless idea. Art is the chaos bottled by the alchemists of the era. Art is what makes life worth living.

Why are gaming and Art related?

Religions herald certain individuals of each era as the pinnacle of the century. I daresay that gamers are these new individuals of the century. When technology becomes inseparable from the visual, auditory, and even tactile stimuli from virtual and real world scenarios, we as a species will have hit the new singularity of the era. This means that games bind our species together in a common theme, a common language, a common lifestyle.

Ancient games

Chess perhaps is a modern game that has it's roots in ancient Europe/Indus valley. Go Game is also a modern favorite that has it's roots in ancient Asia. Ancient African queens also have used games to stave off hunger. In essence, humanity has held games in the palm of their hand as soon as they have developed tools to hunt. In essence, hunting is a dangerous game, but it can be considered one all the same. Imagination games, such as Tag among children, derive from hunting. 

Modern games

The differing categories of modern games are defined through the physical/virtual implementation of how they are played. Board games are played physically in the physical realm, and also involve mental realms of imagination. Video games are played electronically in the virtual realm, involve mental realms of imagination, and may also involve virtual realms of physicality and "virtual thought" a.k.a. Artificial Intelligence. Virtual Reality games are the singularity-related new innovation that will further blend these two. Virtual/Augmented reality games involving immersion technology will completely shape the marketplace of the new decade. The subgenres of virtual reality worlds will indeed replace or even solidify a new era of artwork, of lifestyle, of love-making, of travel, of chemical innovation, of prosthetics, of psychology, and of space-age education. The universe is literally our (current) limit at this point!

Avant-garde games

This category of games parallel to modern games are defined as games that "break" the meta. Meta is defined by gamers as the current trending/efficient use of builds, of strategies, or of play procedures within the professional or common arena. Avant-garde games may be remixes or they may redefine a new or existent genre of games. A solid example of an Avant-garde game is Genshin Impact by Mihoyo. It takes existent genres of gacha, and of Jrpg, and of dating simulators, and blends them into a fusion of entertainment that is irresistable to the modern gamer. Players have shelled out thousands in search of that "perfect" waifu/husbando (in-game characters that offer their mercenary skills to the main adventurer-you). 

Godly game

Humanity has long since overreached the need of a central tenet of existence to govern our very thoughts, our collective actions, and our collective dreams or vision. In order to transcend the past millenia's faults and skeletons in the closet, we need to understand the role of the Creator.

Gamers inherently are invited into the creator's playground, where rules are either set by the system, by the virtual moderators, or even by the laws of physics themselves. As the blend and separation of these rules become increasingly simple to implement, the Gamers' worlds will shift reality, will shift collective consciousness, will shift universal values. As the Guardians or Champions of this new era, our values shall transcend timezones, generations, and worlds. 

Regardless of your beliefs in the Creator, one morality still stoicly stands alone, stands vigilant. That is, the tenet of making the "best decision." Making your "choice" is what is needed for all of us to step out of the old habits of this world.



Kevin Liou

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