Best Esports Betting Tactics

Fri 30th Aug 2019 - 8:51pm Gaming

Best Esports Betting Tactics


It’s easy to get carried away and bet on esports like you would any other sporting event. Most people bet with their hearts and NOT with their heads. Today we are going to talk about the best ways to bet on esports to get consistent results, day in day out. Let’s up your betting game, with some betting strategies and tactics that will not only help you win more but will certainly keep you occupied and having fun whilst engaging with the space.


Probably the most important thing to know, before we get started in the nitty-gritty, is just two simple rules. Never place an uneducated bet and never place the bet many hours or even days before the match is scheduled to start, because you need as much information about the game you are betting on and this information is available in pre-game interviews. You want the most amount of time to research your betting play and make it in good faith that you have done everything you can before the action starts, or your bet is locked in.


Team Research


Know your team. If you have a favourite team and like betting on them, well, you’d better know them inside out. You need to know their strengths and weaknesses. If there have been any player or roster changes, the previous form of the team and whether or not they are on a winning or losing streak. It also helps to do research into previous results against similar or exactly the same team they are coming up against this time around.




The manager of the team is very important to know. How experienced are they, how many coaches have they been through recently? Are players likely to feel comfortable under their management? Or pressured? If it looks like the players are having fun and kicking arse, in previous games, it’s a safe bet they have a good manager. If there have been lots of roster changes and the kids look like they are playing for their lives, then probably not a safe bet. You are looking for consistency and a confident management style. What happens in the background, outside of play, is just as important as what is going to happen in-game, because it lets you know the foundations on which the team is built and whether or not they are strong foundations or if they will blow away under pressure.


Overall earnings and results


Take a peek at the stats of the player or team and see how long they have been around for. You don’t want to place bets on new teams unless they have a good chance of making un upset. Look at the previous results between the teams and see who has the most wins and losses. Read player interviews and get a feel for the team and about their hunger for success. Skill is one thing, having hunger is another. Sometimes all it takes is more hunger for success to force out awesome plays from underrated teams, where opponents are overconfident or getting lazy. Look into the player's eyes and read their body language, are they going to win or are they taking the piss? 


When to post your bet


Post the bets just before the start of the game when you have the most information. Look for overconfidence or players taking it easy, cause these guys will probably lose, no matter how good they are. If you get the slightest inkling your team is overconfident, then do not bet on them, because overconfidence leads to mistakes and underestimating the enemy in-game. When you are overconfident this can lead you to take losses really hard because you were expecting to win, this can cause players and teams to get distressed and creates a heightened level of friction that can compound mistakes and dig the losing hole deeper and deeper.


Feel for the game


Use your gaming instinct to get a feel for the players and their overall situation before the game starts. How are they approaching the game? Are they laughing and joking with the interviewers or are they focused, determined and ready? I have placed bets on sever underdogs and won just by the way the captain of the underrated team acts and carries himself. It’s as much about attitude and professionalism as it is about skill sometimes, especially on the big stage.


Previous results


Previous results are a good way of determining who has the best chance of winning the current game, but they don’t show you who to bet on. Who to bet on, exactly, comes from attractive odds, when in comparison and in line with the overriding determining factors surrounding the current game. Sure, the team that has beaten the other team 10 times to 6 is most likely to win this time as well. Look closely enough at the information as it presents itself and you can outsmart the bookie because the bookie only plays the odds they do not consider the overriding factors as they pertain to the current match as described above.


Best of luck with your bets!



Joshua Forbes

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