Esports Godliness

Wed 29th Jan 2020 - 4:57pm Gaming

Esports Godliness – How I Did It – What I’m Up To


I’m going to be making this into a personal blog now instead of a primary article based section. Going to start by making a recap of my career. How I did what I have done. The extraordinary leaps and bounds I have made to secure myself as an Esports Leader and pioneer within the industry. I’m going to make the news section scattered with this kind of blogs so you can see just how far you can go in the Esports Industry and exactly how I did it from beginning to end, without any formal education or support, only a deep-seated belief in myself and my ability to change the world. So here we go!


“I can say that I have always been a gamer, even when I didn’t play games. I can say that I’ve always been a player, even when I didn’t have anything to win.”


When I was a kid I used to play games like Alex the Kid and I first started playing games on a SEGA. There was something about the colors and the excitement of controlling something on the screen. Like most kids I enjoyed pressing the buttons and defeating challenges, I used to climb a lot of trees and I was a prankster and joker. I was always laughing and making fun of things. So it’s no surprise that by the time I was 16, I was getting ranked NO 1# in the world for Counter-Strike (for a season in the cross country public servers). Here is a list of my personal achievements in gaming that I am very proud of.


Rainbow Six (the first multiplayer one): 1 vs 15 multiple times winner in two story aim map

Counter-Strike: Ranked #1 in the world with kill death ratio over 3, headshot percentage 49% (stats which I’ve yet to see beaten, by anyone)

Counter-Strike: Ice world (close quarters aim map) scored 51-0 (51 kills with 0 deaths)

Counter-Strike: Eliminated the whole team of 16 players on map Office when it was 16 vs 16


I have continued gaming to this day, though I am much busier now, I only play the occasional casual game for fun as a release from my busy lifestyle that revolves around business, seeing friends and partying hard.


When I was 23, I decided to start my own esports businesses. I started Eclipse Gaming and E-SportsLeague. I did this because I got very good at creating my own Esports Poker Style Tournament Modules for counterstrike. Tournaments that I would like to introduce one day as part of project ECOSNIPER, a mobile esports game I’m working on now with partners.


So anyway, I joined LinkedIn, which is a social network for professionals and started helping people out for free to build my reputation as a designer and leader in the industry. I’ve done things like working on the main menu of Facebook, create menu and help functionality and much more for them. My ideas were pivotal in the creation of BetEasy which is an Australian mobile betting application for sports and races. I did much more of course. But these are the main things. I helped these companies out to show the world what I was capable of, so come today, I could work on projects for a cut. You might be happy to know that I’m currently working on the Esports Arcade Casino in the AKON Smart City in Africa. I’m the main designer for that part of the smart city. It helps if you work for free, it really does.


Don’t lose sight of what you are good at and don’t compromise in doing what you love. There is so much room for you to move and grow as a professional by starting your own thing or helping out with other people's projects. Don’t limit yourself by what you think is possible, use your imagination and create a real and meaningful career for yourself where you can shine as you can and how you know you should. Don’t accept some shitty job in a back alley making pizza. You might have to do this for a while, but in your off time, work on making your dreams come true and support yourself in this way which is very meaningful and that can give back to yourself and the ones you love.


Remember, I’ll always have your back.  



Joshua Forbes

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