Top 4 Esports Memes Ever

Thu 7th May 2020 - 10:00am Gaming

Best Esports Memes Ever


Today we are going to look at the funniest memes in esports. For the memes to qualify, I personally have to actually find them interesting or funny or they won’t make the cut. I’m pretty much just going to look up a whole bunch of memes and do a bit of research to come up with a list that I like. I’m going to attach videos and links to memes for you to click on and it’s going to go on for however long I like, cause I’m he boss and what I say goes. YI-HA!




The term that someone is being “salty” has been around since the dawn on time in gaming and esports. Interestingly, it comes from the fighting game community and is used when someone is upset, jealous or angry. People use it all the time when they think another player is bitching out. It is best used when in combination with the “griefing” tactic. First you “grief” the player then you call them “salty”. You should try it, works a treat. I’m going to include some links to great videos of examples of people being “salty”. I hope you enjoy them.





The Sadplane and the Gladplane


Jin Air Green Wings is an esports organisation from South Korea that has had an up and down battle with the game League of Legends. Their first two teams, the Jin Air Stealths and the Falcons have never made it to an OGN/LCK Grand Final, and with the looks of these two bad boys, you can tell it hurts. Poor little fellas, life sure is hard sometimes.







Summit1g is a popular and famous streamer on Twitch. He mainly plays CS:GO. The story goes… Once time summit 1g was scouted by some professional teams to join them, Summit1g’s first chance was with a team called Splyce Gaming at DreamHack Open Austin. This is where Summit1g made esports meme history with possibly the biggest throw ever seen. The game was against CLG and Splyce only has to win one more round to win the whole match. Along comes our hero, Summit1g. The gameplay gets down to a one vs one, Summit1g vs Fugly and Summit1g manages to frag Fugly with the score at 15-11. HOWEVER, there was still a fateful Molotov, flame grenade burning after the frag was made with the bomb still needing to be defused. Summit1g was very unfortunate and careless not to notice the flames that was later kill him before he could defuse the bomb and win the round. CLG later came back to tie the game and win the match in overtime. OOPS!



It’s hard to watch but go on… Do it for the list…




Some calls just get handed down through the ages as probably the best thing someone could have said at a particular moment during an interview. The hit a nerve that makes them both funny and boss like, in a way that cannot so easily be forgotten and is often replicated for lols. FORG1VEN has always been a bit of a talented loner, strange puss. But this moment cemented his reputation and unique charisma in the history of all esports for ever. During the Spring Split of 2015 in Europe, FORG1VEN said that he was “By Far.” Better than his opponent. That is all that it took to start a firestorm of memes and copy cats that still continue to this day.




Joshua Forbes

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