Winning at poker

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Winning at Poker


Everyone wants to be a winner… and everyone can win... What does it take though, to become consistent and reliable enough to win all the time? Take down those big pots and really clean up the chips! Is poker a game of skill? Well timed aggression? Many have pondered exactly what it takes to win at poker… but is the question really… about not losing, surviving long enough to pounce?


There are many different ways to approach the poker table, about as many different ways as there are poker players on Earth. I’m going to be talking about poker from my own perspective, giving insights and my own thoughts. Even though I’m not a professional player, maybe you will get something out of how I view the game, how to play and how to win.


Becoming your player


There are some kinds of players who are constantly becoming the player they want to be, they try to execute moves, in order to become a winning player, other players, reverberate strategies and techniques that allow them the BE the player they are. If you have the perspective that you are a winning player, then you will make more healthy decisions that if you think you are a learner, or a loser, trying to make their money back. Be the winning player by playing with discipline and patience instead of chasing the win and leaving a loser.


Beaten Down


Players can get beaten down so badly, by bad beats, or perceived unlucky play, that they change from being a winning player to being a loser. These players have given up, they have received so many bad beats and lost so much money they don’t even care anymore and throw caution to the wind. Often it just takes waiting for the right situation to beat these kinds of players and being patient and lenient with them, enough to give them enough room to hang themselves.


Beaten Up


Some players view the poker table as a challenge, a personal contest where the opponents are there to challenge them. These players get better, the more they get beaten up, by other players, learning from their mistakes in the constant test, being a student, learning from mistakes to become a better player and eventual winner. These are dangerous players who often end up being professional, viewing the game analytically, psychologically and mathematically. Some players get so sick of getting beaten up, they change their game and make the necessary adjustments to become better players.  


Domination and Aggression


We always hear that it is good to be an aggressive player, but trapping is also just as important depending who you’re playing. Always raising makes your opponent feel feeble for folding all the time, until they make a stand. The trick is having the nuts when they decide to make a stand, thinking that they have the best hand, even though it may be a mediocre hand, just because you may be raising all the time. Being aggressive against passive players works, but if you sense that they are trapping you, or that they could have a hand, backing down is also just as important and it’s never a good idea to always be aggressive, unless you are playing a complete nit.



Varying Play to Suit Opponents


The very best players can recognise the style that their opponent is playing and play in accordance with an opposition to the style that is being presented. Changing gears is a good strategy to use, to throw your opponent off, in case they are trying to decide how you are playing. It’s always a good idea to mix things up and never get tied down or understood by your opponent. Don’t make it obvious you are playing any particular style to keep your opponent guessing and trying to keep up. If your opponent is always trying to keep up, they will always be behind and that’s where you want them to be.




Having confidence in your game is underrated. Even if you are playing a crazy game, pushing with bad cards, taking huge risks and bluffing heaps, if you know what you are doing and you are confident with this style of play, you can seriously cause some damage. Then again, if you are confident playing a carful game you can be twice as dangerous. Chipping up here and there isn’t necessarily a style of play that builds confidence, but it has been shown to be very effective.


I hope this article has help some poker player out there. PHSYKER is just as much about eSports as it is about poker and gambling. That’s what sets PHSYKER apart as a gaming organisation. Feel free to add any useful tips you have learned over the years and look forward to articles made by PHSYKER’S actual poker pros. ;)



Joshua Forbes

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