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Sat 13th Jan 2018 - 6:24pm Gaming

Find Your Game

There needs to be a fair bit of shopping around, before you choose the game that suits you. Try a lot of different games that you like and also give a few hours to trial multiple types of esports games. There might be a game you like heaps and you might have some skill with this game. This is not important, if you want to go pro, you should go with a game that you can scale with. This means you should choose a game that you are good at, or you can see yourself getting better at, where there is also a lot of room for improvement. Pro gaming is not about having fun. Remember, it is all about winning, so pick a game where you can see yourself doing a lot of that, even if you are not winning straight away.


People don’t become professional gamers overnight. The main difference between a professional and an armature, is that professionals don’t give themselves a way out when they fail. Professional players learn from these results and build in resistance through practise. You will need to play the chosen game for at least 6 hours a day, if you want to stay competitive in the esports arena.


Personally, I played my esports game for more that 6 hours a day for over 10 years. When I got older though, my form started deteriorating along with my body. Not to mention I couldn’t keep up with the kids anymore. Gaming really takes a toll on your body, when you are sitting around all day and night, leaning forward and making a back posture. Take walks and exercise every day. Drink lots of water when you are playing, and eat healthy food. Try and cut our sugar, like sugary energy drinks and confectionary. You will need a sharp mind if you want to rise to the top and importantly, stay there.


Players don’t often think about networking too much, unless they are aware of a scene or website where other players congregate. It’s very important to start networking early and get your tag and personal branding happening. There are heaps of professional gaming and esports communities. Get on there. Reach out, make friends with excellent players in your field. Offer a helping hand to people that might need it. There are different communities for different games. Don’t join poisonous communities with lots of trolls and if you are concerned about problems with communities, tell the admins and offer solutions. Ask for help Approach good players and let them know you are looking to improve.


Like most people, even professional gamers fail. To overcome this failure, one must have some important characteristics that reflect a positive attitude.


  • Never give up attitude. A professional game is someone who is passionate and inspired by their selected game. The reason why professionals are what they are is because they believe they can beat anyone, any time. Even when pro players lose, they can learn from these mistakes and come back way better next time. Professional players grow as a player when they make mistakes or lose, whereas amateur players make excuses.
  • Self-Belief. Professional players come from the bottom to the top, because they believe in themselves and their teams. If you don’t believe you can make it to the top, if you don’t believe you can win, if you believe there are players you can never match, then you’re going to start feeling dissolution. Concentrate on your own game and don’t place other players on a pedestal. That is reserved for you.
  • People don’t realise this all the time… Professional players are masters at learning from their mistakes. They even analyse themselves as people and individual gamer. This takes a lot of soul searching and looking deep inside your find flaws of character and how this can affect the game they are trying to win.
  • Pushing Limits. Professional players are always pushing their own limits and boundaries. The best players are always learning new things when they play. Professional players then use this information to take game play to the next level.
  • Calm Under Pressure. Professional gamers are extremely good at high performance under pressure. They learn how to control their own emotions and feelings, because if you are a slave to your mind, you can fall into the trap of believing everything your mind says. Even negative feelings, that are not true, can snowball until you are left losing more than you win.
  • Dealing with failure. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. You need to learn from mistakes though, and try not to repeat them. Never get angry with failure, use the negative things that people say around you, for support and inspiration. Prove everyone wrong. One other thing to avoid is giving yourself an out. You have all the resources you need to become a professional gamer, inside your head.
  • Professional gamers are inspired by winning and proving to themselves that they are one of the best. This usually comes of external recognitions, like wining and fans. This is all well and good, though, professional gamers are also inspired from themselves, not in like having an inflated ago, just having faith in themselves and their abilities. It’s OK to be spired by you, as you are one of a kind and no one can do things or play games quite the way you do.



People in general, are pretty horrible online. You must never be like them though. We all have our lapses in judgement, that’s OK... It’s better to present yourself in a professional manner and carry that into the way you play and how you relate with teammates. Know your place in a team or organisation and if you are not clear on anything them just ask.

Asking for Help

Never be afraid to reach out to other players, managers about your situation in the esports world. See if they can answer questions about your game, the industry and how to get ahead. If you are persistent enough, you will be able to create your own team, where you make the rules and where the final decision rests with you. The esports world is very small indeed, watch out what you say to important people who might just go running off and telling your secrets. If you show a lot of passion and belief, you will have better chance of picking the right candidate.

Remember, it’s OK to ask for help, especially when you are down. If you find yourself playing 15 hours a day and you are not improving, you might have a problem, even if you enjoy it. Repetitive game time can leave people feeling burnt out and uninspired. Keep your chin up and get even more passionate about what you are doing and what you want to achieve in esports and professional gaming.

Never Apologise

If someone wants to give you a hard time and abuse you online, for winning, or if there is someone you always beat and they become rude and triggered, or even if people are telling you that you will never make it and that you might be wasting your time; tell them all, you play to win and that you enjoy winning. If there is a competition, it is meant to be won, even if you have to get cheap and try hard for multiple wins and even streaks, never apologise, you will only bring yourself down and second guess your actions. Stay centred in your find and focus on your game and how to dominate most affectively.




Joshua Forbes

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