Becoming the best in the world

Sat 1st Jul 2017 - 3:40am Gaming

Becoming the best in the world

When we’re kids, we dream about the future and growing up. We think about what it would be like to have more responsibility and power in one’s own life. We want more control, we want to become bigger than what we are and we want to grow up. Then, when we have grown up, becoming adults, we dream about what it was like to be a kid, having less responsibility, being cared for, being smaller and having less worries. The grass is always greener on the other side, it’s part of human nature, we have trouble accepting the situation that we’re in because we see other people around us, we are distracted, and want to be like them, we’re always looking outward, very rarely do we ever look inside. If you want to be the best in the world at any sport or competitive game, you’re going to have to let this feeling go, and start looking inside for the answers. I’m going to explain how to do this exactly in the rest of the article.

It’s not about what you have, it’s about who you want to be. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being perfectly flawed. You don’t get good at something by thinking about it or how someone else does it, you get good by you, yourself, doing that action over and over. Most of us have our personal hero’s, though the very best players in the world don’t really have heroes, they are their own inspiration and they become their own personal challenge and experiment. They take responsibility for that action, the best in the world are the best in the world because they never looked to anyone to solidify their belief in themselves or to set a standard. For the best players in the world, the standard of acceptability comes from an internal struggle with their own ego and their own beliefs, personal goals and challenges. Once you have faced yourself, there is nothing left that can scare or distract you from your goals. 

It’s not enough to give my best, it’s only enough if I’m the winner every single time I play.” This is how a real winner thinks, how the best in the world thinks. “There shouldn’t be a situation where I can come out second best, I should have all the bases covered, and I should have all the answers to every situation. I should be so fast, I should be so accurate, I should be so good that no one can answer my plays and no one can beat me, because if they beat me, I have let myself down, I have beaten myself. It’s not about them, it’s always about me.” This is the way you have got to start thinking if you want to become the best in world sport and competitive gaming. You have to remove the opponent from your mind and concentrate on your game, your reactions, and your personal battle with the game. The opponent is just a challenge, an obstacle. Forget the opponent and he becomes meaningless, inconsequential, powerless and completely defenceless. If the enemy isn’t part of your mind, if you pay him no attention and only focus only your game, what can he really do to stop you from winning every time? The answer is nothing, he can’t combat your over powering, dominate style. You can win every time when you make it about you and about a personal challenge, not about beating a mystery object, opponent or enemy.

Let go of any doubt that you can be beaten. Watch yourself play in your mind and remember all the times you have won. Rinse and repeat these actions to become unstoppable. Remember what felt really good, when you felt the most powerful and duplicate that feeling into every aspect of your game, building layers of invincibility and unteachableness. Challenge yourself to outdo yourself over and over, nothing should ever be good enough, and even perfect rounds you will see mistakes and things you can fix to become better at your craft and improve your weaknesses. Winning shouldn’t be enough anymore, “I have to win every time to express my dominance and mastery, no one and nothing can compare, in my personalized, reflective state I can only be triumphant, I am divine and unbeatable because really, no one is there but me. No enemy and no fear, just a belief and resounding, powerful energy that I have nurtured over time.”

It’s not about who is better, it’s about who is the best. That should be you. You should know it in your soul. No one can take it from you, and without this belief you can’t climb to the very top, because people are catching on slowly and learning these secrets. “The grass isn’t greener on the other side, it’s what I’ve got right now that counts. It’s how I act right now that defines me. It’s how I play and what actions I take that will determine the outcome of the game and make me the winner. There isn’t really anyone here but me. I’m the best, and I’m fearless.” Take that attitude into every game you play and see what starts to happen to your game. Slowly but surely you will start to believe in your own magic and you will rise, you will prove it to yourself and no one else, that you are indeed, the best in the entire world. Eventually it will be undeniable to everyone, just like your belief in yourself and your abilities, everyone will see, and you will have conquered the world.




Joshua Forbes

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