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Sat 21st Jul 2018 - 3:10pm : Gaming

How To Get Known In eSports 

Everyone wants to be famous, but not many know the easy streets to fame, recognition and fortune. There are the hard streets, these take a lot of time, effort  and hard work. You think that being a player who wins is the easy street? You’d be wrong about that. There are much easier ways to get known, respected and influence without the 16 hours practice a day, competing at the top level. Here is how to get famous in eSports without the frustration. 
Be An Individual 
Stand out from the crowd. Do this by being you. Get involved with your local esports scene and promote yourself cleverly. Ask questions and challenge the establishment. Make yourself stand out by being unique and offering yourself as a leader. Be strong. Stand up for yourself and take risks. Don’t act like anyone is better than you and you will be recognised as a leader and someone who can contribute to the scene, in a any way that you choose. 
Network Heavily 
Find the people who you admire online and become friends with them. Tweet to them frequently and find them on different social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter, as well as on sites that relate to their local scene. Sometimes it’s not about how good you are, it’s about who you know and what you can offer them, weather that is ideas or just being a fan. 
Be Useful 
A big part of being able to contribute is to realise that you are a very important part of the eSports scene. eSports is make up of people just like you. This means that you are eSports. You are a part of something bigger and you can influence what eSports is and how it changes. Have a bit more faith in yourself and get more confidence in your ability to influence people and eSports scene. 
Start Your Own Thing 
Start something new in eSports that helps to create a bright future for everyone else. Have faith in your imagination and the level at which you are able to contribute to the scene. You can come up with great ideas! What you think matters! You can be a leader and make a big difference. Maybe all that is missing is a big of self belief and building up external evidence that you CAN make a difference and that what you think IS important. Don’t be one of the crowd. Be a leader and become successful for being you and promoting your ideas and ventures. 
Don’t Listen To The Nay Sayers 
People are going to try and bring you down. DON’T LISTEN TO THEM. DON’T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. Put your blood sweat and tears into become a better gamer, even a “real life professional gamer”. Someone who is resourceful. Someone who can find a solution to big problems and end up making a big difference. Have some faith in yourself! You are important. You matter to the wider community, if you speak up and work hard. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT FOR YOU AND YOUR CAREER.
Ask For Help 
Once people see that you are serious and that you are passionate. THEY WILL HELP YOU. BUT YOU HAVE TO ASK FOR HELP. You can’t do big things alone! You have to ask for help. Do this using social media platforms. Start by learning about your trade and what you are good at, then find the people who are specialists in that area. Ask those people for help and mentorship. Grow and become successful by helping others and putting your neck out there. Take big risks! Work hard to become an expert and you will end up being surprised just how far you can go in the eSports industry! 
Good luck gamers! 


Joshua Forbes

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