Good strategies for eSports games

Sat 1st Jul 2017 - 3:42am Gaming

Good strategies for eSports games

There are lots of articles on how to become a professional eSports gamer, but what are some of the techniques pro gamers use to stay on top of their competition? Today I’m going to be going through a few strategies that pro gamers use to keep one step ahead and stay at the top of their game.

Become consistent

The more you practice the better you will get, but working on becoming consistent is a completely different kettle of fish. It requires the player to be mindful of mistakes and learn from them and to adapt and change your game so you can perform good things more easily. You can be a very talented gamer but if you’re not consistent you won’t win the big trophies because it’s a requirement if you want to make it to the big time. You need to be able to be confident enough to win over and over and expect to win. You need realize what you’re doing rite and try and repeat it, sounds simple when it’s actually incredibly difficult.

Research strategy

There are heaps of sites out there that allow you to research game strategies. The trick is only perusing strategies that you are going to use and making sure you use them. There is no point filling your head with a hundred strategies if you are never going to use them. Work out where your game needs improvement and then research strategies which improve those areas of your game. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you know best when in reality you really don’t and you need others input to improve your game. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes a be wrong, because that means you have found a way to improve.

Keep a cool head

Sounds simple right? Keeping a cool head is crucial for being a successful professional gamer. If you’re going to play at the top level you need to be able to make split second decisions and reason on the fly. Confidence is a key component to being able to hold it together. You need to have confidence in your own ability and that of your team. You need to believe you can become the best and that this is the road that will take you there. Keeping a clear mind also helps and meditation between games really helps to keep a cool head.

Stay one step ahead

You need to work out your opponents tendencies and form expectations based on the evidence they provide you with. Most of your decisions are going to come down to the probability of whether or not your opponent will be able to counter your move, in any game. Staying one step ahead is a game of trial and error until you find the right style which correctly counters your opponents’ style. Once this is determined you can revert back to that style whenever you play them.

Think outside the box

You need to be able to mix it up and stay fresh. Keep trying new things when your opponent gives you room and revert back to tried and tested methods when your opponent is closing in for the kill. You want to learn as much about the way you play as how your opponent chooses to engage you, and improve on that. It’s not enough to be doing the same things all the time because eventually your opponent will catch on and you will be out of moves. So keep moving and trying new things when the opportunity presents itself, you should be constantly surprising your enemies with how much you are willing to change and play differently against them in the same kinds of situations.

Fix your mistakes

Some players just refuse to fix their mistakes and it’s a huge blunder. They say to themselves “that’s just the way I play” and never actually do anything about it. You always have the power to change the way you play if it’s not working, there is usually a reason for it. It helps to get your friends to spectate you and see what you’re doing wrong or how you can improve. It is a form of arrogance that influences players not to change their ways and continue to lose. You need to be prepared to move off the beaten path and accept you were wrong or you could have done something differently if you want be the best.

Separate your skills

Think about what you do right and separate your skills and work on them individually. This is a really good way to improve what your good at to become consistent and work on flaws. It’s better to have one really good skill in a game rather than 3 moderate skills that are only sometimes useful. You want to break down your skills and think about them like children who you are raising and teaching to be the best they can be. It takes a lot of personal reflection to understand what you are good at and what needs work so this one might require some quiet time away from the game.


You can never have too many friends in the gaming industry. These people will open your mind and expand your horizons. You should always be looking for players who are better than you and trying to befriend them, play with them, and learn from their skill. You can read as much as you like online but there is no comparison as playing with players that are better than you, because they will force you to make the mistakes you need to fix. It’s that simple.

Attempt the impossible

Reach for the stars and believe you can get there. Put in the work and anything is possible. Following these steps are just part of the way and everyone’s journey will be different. What’s impossible for me might be plain simple for you, it’s all about your end point, your singularity, your destiny. Everyone has a destiny and this is also expressed in gaming and how far you can go. You must first attempt the impossible before that can be your reality and you need to believe. Best of luck and happy gaming!



Joshua Forbes

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