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Tue 28th May 2019 - 9:05am General

Most of us have dreams when we are kids growing up. Some dreams are big and some are small, that's OK. The size of your dream doesn't really matter, as long as you know what you want and you are sure that in its realisation you will find a greater level of fulfilment and happiness, then, you need to keep sight of your dream. What is important, is your passion, your determination to achieving your dream and how you apply this passion to turn the dream into a reality. You must be defiant, despite what other people may tell you, or what you perceive as being possible.

Remember that possibility is actually a reality in disguise. The only person who has the power to make your dream a reality is you, no one else. Of course, others can help you in the pursuit of your dream, however, it must start with you and your passion first, because if you are not truly inspired, no one else will be either.

Success is actually a feeling which comes from inside you, it isn't measured in the number of dollars you make, or how fast your car is, or what other people think your success should be. Real success is an affirmation of dignity realised in the pursuit of your aspirations NOT in their realisations. This is because it is in the act of following our dreams where we achieve personal power, learning the lessons that turn people into leaders, separating those truly inspired dreamers from kids who want to be policemen.

Do not measure your success with other peoples success, as this can lead you to become confused and disillusioned. Success is very personal, it has nothing to do with anyone, but you. Some people will feel successful by earning a million dollars, other people need twenty million and for some people, there is never enough. It's because success isn't measured in dollars, it is measured in happiness. If you are not happy you can have a trillion dollars and still, you won't be successful.

You need to believe in your dream. It needs to start with you and then from you, spread into material reality. If you have a powerful belief that it can and will happen, you will find a way to make the possibility of your dream into a reality by sheer perseverance. Often this is achieved by hard work, applying strong determination and belief into your actions and by having strong intent behind those actions. Belief helps to create powerful actions and intention focuses and magnifies the potency of the actions. Think carefully about what it is exactly what you want and how you are going to get there, careful planning is essential. Start taking small actions at first, make baby steps every day, build up the external existence and projection of your dream by focusing on taking actions which will slowly turn it from being a dream into your reality. You can do this by building on the foundations of your dream directly, like building out the business, learning what it takes or reaching out to others to lend a hand.

I'm extremely happy with what I've learned and achieved. I'm dignified, even if my companies haven't earned a penny. This is because, in the pursuit of my dream, I've made meaningful relationships with other people, I've developed and worked on my business knowledge, learning valuable skills from many varied and interesting individuals, valuable experiences that have shaped me into a new person, the person who I am today.

The pursuit of my dream has changed who I am, creating a leader and someone people listen to and seek advice from. In a very real sense, the threshold of becoming successful, in our minds, will be at the point where you have learnt and experienced enough so that you are able to give back. When we are able to give back to someone else, to a business, organisation or community, this is what makes us feel truly successful, as we are valued for a contribution, not by hoarding millions of dollars in a safe somewhere.

So don't hold back, start living your dream every day, even if it's only for a few short minutes at first. Psych yourself up, because it's time to get excited about your dream and the possibilities for growth and change represented by nurturing it. We all have dreams, the difference between those who live their dreams and those who don't is, the people who live their dreams don't take no for an answer, for them the answer is always yes, there will always be a way, there will always be a solution, there will always be another activity that can be taken. Don't forget how important your dream is to you and soon you will see how important it is for everyone else as well. Good luck dreamers.



Joshua Forbes

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