Mobile net, mobile learning, and Gaming part one: the gamer's wild wild west.

Wed 20th Jan 2021 - 10:00am General

Micro learning, mobile learning, and mobile networks have now become professionally accepted areas of study and research, according to many in the library sciences and information studies. According to's writer, Rebekkah Valentine, 2020 has seen a twelve percent increase in mobile gaming customers; thus, newer mobile gameplay peripherals, integrations and derivatives have hit us in 2021. Much like how Call of Duty mobile was the most popular mobile game on iPhones, many contenders have risen up to take the place of king of mobile gaming. At least, this is the case according to the Gadgets Now Bureau, located at However, on this mystery quest to find the king of mobile games, I believe that it is found, not to the direct north, not to the south, not the east, but to the wild wild west of the land Down Under. 

In Asian countries, such as Japan, China, and Korea, gaming culture has already embraced the need, reliance, as well as synergistic fruits of labor derived from a reciprocal relationship between governing bodies, businesses, and communities related to mobile games. Just take the Genshin Impact, Hearthstone, and League of Legends: Wild Rift series for example. Already they are forging new relations and opportunities and companion apps for said games. Not only are the original applications monetized, they are calling upon the whole entourage of unexplored virtual landscape and changing it permanently in the eyes of gamers.

While Wild Rift is yet to be released into the west, it is apparent, and also quite the eyesore for certain western companies that aren't located in the Eastern hemisphere of the world, that Asian gaming knowledge, prowress, and research is slowly but surely grinding up the ranks of world power, through peaceful, yet warriorlike, games(mobile, console, and PC-based.) In the end, gaming knowledge is akin to decision-making, and thus the source of covetousness of psychopaths and the respect/wariness from policing factions like the CIA, MI6, and Interpol, alike. 

Knowing what card to play in the globalization and integrations across the world's secret service, policing, and other such agencies and organizations is often the difference between war and peace, strife or opportunity, and respect or derision. Just as the differing races in a galaxy war have torn the humans in virtual worlds apart, it is also our role as the "real" people to unite ourselves to a single front and take to the stars.

Card To Play OST - StarCraft II Wings of Liberty

Until we are united under some type of front, we will be unable to expand our International Space Force (false org. name for theatrical purpose and educational purpose only) and pursue paths and solar systems where no man has gone before! Godspeed gamers!



Kevin Liou

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