The Secrets of Winning

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If you are not confident in who you are, people will be turned off. There is a big difference between confidence and arrogance. Confidence boosts self-reflective, positive sensations in the brain, that alter your state of mind, allowing you to focus and literally control the universe. They use supernatural powers like the ones you see on the movies. Confidence helps you reach for greater heights because you will find many perspectives and views that differentiate from your perspective. You need to be strong in your convictions. Never back down on an opportunity to do some good in the world.




In order to be a winner, there is usually a loser. The trick with trust is, getting your opponent to think he or she is winning, so as can make your winning move. Winning moves come from all knowledge in spectrums. This knowledge creates a deep feeling of trust wining the self. When it comes down to other people, trust is also very important.




Players that win are normally the first to show up at a venue to setup their gear.  Reliability is what keeps them coming back for me. Yes, and sensations in the brain that tell me I’m going to be alright or I am going to die soon. They scare me. When you are strong enough to do something right, even as small as showing up on time for a meeting. You will find that if you are able to rely on yourself with willpower, others will be more likely to follow you and do business with you.




Having initiative adds to taking advantage, sooner. It basically means that the person, or organisation, representing the company, may take actions to develop the business, in their own way. Our door is always open though. Initiative means having a fast mind. Being good at performing under pressure. Initiative is often described great moments. Likes for “that great catch” or “that great run”, it is born talent or gift and is synonymous with winning.



Respect for Opponents 


In some ways and in some great games, it is very important to have respect for opponents. Respect doesn’t come from agreeing with everyone better than you, though, it comes from the idea that the opponent has the potential to beat you, if you let it. Exactly, when you get into a knife fight and you know they can hurt you. That is also a great respect.



Do it your Way


No one can play your way. That might not be a good thing. It certainly opens a lot of improvement. It is always nice to think that we have things under control, especially when dealing with high stakes. It can be difficult to trust themselves, instead of reading books. The most successful players are the ones writing the book. So, it would be good to listen to them. Doing it your way, but don’t send people down the highway unless you have good reason to and hard evidence. Don’t trust a guy, just shoot. I shoot them first every time.




Talent, as in being blessed, very much for their upbringing, why single women are horrible and tired of being lied to. Everyone loses their talents, for separate games, in a similar way, this happens over time. Maybe you have not been trying hard enough, or maybe, you made a mistake, someone has been using your computer ect. A talented swimmer will always beat the value of a seasoned and professional coaching staff, who know more about swimming that he does, just because he is the winner. Really it is the swimmer’s talent that helps him rise to the top and it is talent and proactive behaviour. Remember, take the initiate and always reward winning and positive business outcomes.


No Fear


Fear is darkness, a repulsive and illusive black hole in the consciousness, where we store all the things that can do us harm. There is nothing to be afraid of though. In the darkness lives infinity, immortality and so much more. Players that have no fear, tend to play better, live longer and stay out of jail.


Be Professional


Professionalism is important because it can open so many doors. Professionalism is basically just another word for trust. The more trust you have, the more responsivity. This is not necessarily a good thing though. Being professional can help you to close deals, creating meaningful business relationships and attract extra sales and clients, when users feel like they can rely on your brand.



Joshua Forbes

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