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Becoming an eSports Professional


It is true, you are able to be involved with eSports without needing to be a player. How exactly do you go about becoming an employee in the eSports space though? What are some of the skills you’ll need? What kind of personality is usually attracted to this kind of career? How competitive is this space and how do you get ahead? We’ll be answering all these questions in this article, preparing you to become an eSports professional and give you some additional tools to get yourself recognition and repeat business in your selected field.


By definition, an esports professional is someone who works in esports but does not play games or stream. This is someone behind the scenes, working on different aspects of brand and business management, usually going completely unseen by the public eye, yet these kinds of careers can be extremely rewarding and profitable if you know what you are doing and how you should be networking.


If you want to become an esports professional but have no idea where the start, begin by checking your skills and aiming to go for a position that reflects your skillset. So, if you are good at writing maybe you can become a journalist, fair best at computer coding, you can become a game designer, perhaps business operations is your thing, you could become a business owner, or perhaps you are a strong team player and have had experience, you can become a coach or mentor. Build on your esports skills whilst keeping in mind the direction you want to be travelling it to actually get a job in the esports industry. Do a lot of research at the types of eSports jobs that are going in your area. Have a look at how to get involved and who to ask. Plan your moves carefully and strategically to boost awareness of your eSports journey.


It’s best if you are a fun loving, dedicated and passionate individual to have the most success in the gaming industry. It’s about looking at wat you are good at and applying it to your position as an independent eSports professional. You want to get competent in the areas that are needed for the position you are going for or business you want to create. Leverage your network and ask for lots of help, but at the same time give lots of help as well. Stay humble and commit to growth, using good ideas and business models and the sky is the limit.


Usually it is an outgoing, attention to detail oriented, inspiring individual who are attracted to fields as an eSports professional. You have got to want to get to know people and your scene intimately. Stay hungry and be ruthless, but stay tactical and thoughtful, to get ahead and make the most of opportunities.


There are lots of different types of jobs that are classified as being an eSports professional. You can be a consultant, a coder, a game tester, events specialist, advisor and the list goes on. If you get paid to interact with platforms and services that are related to esports, you are an esports professional already!


It is generally quite hard to find work as an eSports professional, as there a lot of talented and passionate people who love eSports. You need to find your niche and focus on what you are good at. Try and stick to one project and role at a time, stay disciplined and hungry for results and focus on delivering above expectations and you will do great in this industry.



Joshua Forbes

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