Keys to the Game: Role Generation and Specialisation Tactics

Mon 16th Nov 2020 - 11:52am Interviews General Gaming

The modern gamer whom is dragged across universes and timelines of various worlds both virtual and augmented, is someone who requires an "anchor" to stay true to their self. 

The roles and specialisations of the individual player/adventurer must not be lost. This is guarded at a high cost.

~Without further ado, the roleplay of the Act I of Elleon Forthwright is now commenced!~

Roles: Gamer(player), NPC(CPU), adventurer(???)

To fully define the extent that words unlock realms of imagination is but a nuance. Such that pumpkins may be a squash, but that they taste terrible in pies, is an understatement.

Back on track now, though, I would like to start by explaining that roles of a gamer and roles of an NPC are merely attributes in the game at large. The adventurer chooses to disregard certain guidelines and re-enact others. Need more definitions? Please stop by your nearest tavern and have a couple (of what?)!



Simply put, class is class is class. Class is never over if you never entered the realm. Class also begins daily when you choose to utilise your occupation's talents. That being said, I, Elleon, have lost my anchor, who is there to take it back for me? Nobody? Well, looks like I should contact the nearest guild/crew/clan to help me salvage/search/investigate who/what/when it was lost/taken/stolen. 

Why is this important? TL;DR

Words and actions within a game may appear misleading when the player chooses to disregard certain tutorials and given advancements. At worst, they may penalize you for centuries or millenia on end. Just take a look at the lore in Genshin Impact. Literally the bro and sis duo were split across universes as punishment for flying across too many dimensions! Right, Mr. DiOrcus? 


Call to action!

To help posterity find their calling/dream/path...




Kevin Liou

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