SteelSeries Dex Gaming Mouse Pad

Thu 6th Jul 2017 - 3:53pm : Gaming

I thought this mousepad was a winner. It helps to aim great, but it's not built to last. The material started peeling from it's base after a couple of months hard use. You'd think they would design it so that this wouldn't happen. 

I suggest going for a bigger mousepad that covers the desk and reaches beyond the keyboard. Mouse pads that have a base and then material over the top, glued or something, are not made to last and damage easily, things will always go wrong with them, especially if you are playing 12 or more hours a day! It won't last.

It's worth dishing out the extra coin to get something that is guaranteed to work for many years. Won't be buy this little fella again that's for sure. Worked a treat while it was still in good nic though. ;)



Joshua Forbes

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