Macbook Pro 2016 15'' i7 16gig

Mon 25th Sep 2017 - 10:37pm : General

So, I spent over 3k on a computer the other day. The new MacBook pro with touch panel and I got to say, it's actually worth the money. Here is why:

It's a lot slimmer that earlier versions. It's about the same size as a dated MacBook air and that's saying something, because they are pretty small. You pick up the 2016 pro and you can feel how compact it is. 

Has the same amount of RAM as my desktop, more than a lot of desktops actually… This makes it super-fast and easy to use, comfortable because of how slim it is. 

The touch pad is genius, you can change words halfway through typing them to the full word which is very convenient, especially cause I'm really bad at spelling! Oh, and you can also select things like volume, emoji and brightness of the screen all in the one spot.

Super high def. is always good for watching Netflix, crystal clear vision is beautiful, seeing small details that low def. just misses. 

I also like the way the keys click down, without too much effort means i can type a lot quicker and without any effort. 

You can actually turn this little beast up pretty loud which is surprising, don't need to use headphones to get it pumping, which is always good. 

Just remember to keep it away from liquids and forget about boot camping it because i tried it and it broke. I'm getting used to the OS though so not too bad, still not windows though. 

9/10 well worth the upgrade. 



Joshua Forbes

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