Samsung S8 Takes It To A Whole New Level

Sat 30th Sep 2017 - 3:47pm : General

I was really excited when I picked up my S8 from JB HI-FI about 6 months ago. I thought that I could be getting myself caught up in the hype. Getting a new phone is pretty rare for me. Not the kind of person to buy a new one every year. I had my old S5 for about 5 years and it was the best when it came out, so I thought I would do the same thing and get the very best and hope that it lasts.

I could not have prepared myself for how much I really like the S8. It's just simply the best phone I have ever had and stomps all over the S5 that I had. 

Here are my top 5 reasons why I like the S8 so much and why you should get one:

1. It has a large screen so it's good for gaming and working 

2. It has 4gig of RAM so you can switch between apps easily and work without any lag bother

3. It has nice finish, being water proof and gun metal grey colour is super cool

4. Wireless charging makes it easy and much quicker to charge with no cables

5. Has space for memory chip, awesome 12 MP camera, VR capabilities

If you are thinking about getting a new phone, it really is worth getting the S8. It blows other phones out of the water with how the hardware works in combination with UI to create a seamless and easy to use functionality I would never look back after using the S8 and can recommend without hesitation. 



Joshua Forbes

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