"Guilt-Free Chocolate" - Lose 27 Pounds in 27 Days

  • Fri 24th Jan 2020 - 9:38am

    This may be the most healthy and tasty chocolate ever created. It's a snack   Leptitox Review   that can be enjoyed by everyone at any time and it's ideal for the entire family as a healthy alternative to snacks that are high in sugar. The benefits are so extraordinary that many call it, "Guilt Free Chocolate".All-organic, proprietary herbal formula:

    Organic Cocoa Liquor: It's produced by grinding the cocoa bean nib (center) to a smooth, liquid state. The Cocoa liqueur can then be cooled and molded into blocks.

    Organic Cocoa Butter: Also called the obroma oil, is the edible natural fat of the cacao bean, extracted during the process of making chocolate and cocoa powder. Cocoa butter has only a mild chocolate flavor and aroma. Cocoa butter is one of the most stable fats known, containing natural antioxidants that prevent rancidity and give it a storage life of appox. 3 years.

    Xylitol: Xylitol contains zero net effective carbohydrates, whereas sugar contains 4 grams per 5 mL. Xylitol has virtually no aftertaste, and is advertised as "safe for diabetics and individuals with hyperglycemia". This is because sugar-alcohols have less impact on a person's blood sugar than regular sugars.

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