Finding the Best Thyroid Solution

  • Sat 25th Jan 2020 - 5:06am

    People with a hyperactive thyroid tend to lose their appetite or feel hungry  Thyroid Support Review     most of the time because overproduction of thyroid hormones affects the digestive system directly. Thus, very often, people with hyperthyroidism tend to lose weight no matter how much they eat.

    Other symptoms may include irritability, tremors of the hands and moist palms, frequent bowel movement, stomach spasms, sensitivity to heat and heavy perspiration, breathlessness and, in women, infrequent and light menstrual periods.

    People with underactive thyroid problems, on the other hand, tend to gain weight and suffer chronic fatigue, pain in the muscles and joints, constipation and sensitivity to cold. The symptoms of hypothyroidism in women typically include heavier menstrual flows. In advanced cases, dry skin and dull hair, as well as memory problems, may be experienced.

    If you feel you are suffering from a thyroid disorder, the best way to find the right thyroid solution for your condition is always to see a thyroid specialist and undergo tests. This is because many of the symptoms of a thyroid problem may be similar to other conditions, such as those caused by stress.

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