5 Easy Steps on the Journey to Weight Loss

  • Tue 4th Aug 2020 - 11:17am
    If you are really serious on losing some weight, then Trim 14 quit sitting at a desk or in front of the television all day. Get on your feet and walk! The Centre for Disease Control discovered that spending 10 minutes a day to walk up and down stairs can help you shed up to 10 pounds in a year. More still, a study that was done at Duke University showed that consistently embarking on more than 30 minutes of walk or exercise on a daily basis will help you to burn some fat and lose considerable weight. Numerous studies have shown fruits and vegetables to be highly beneficial for those planning to lose some weight. Basically, this can be explained by the high-fibre, low-calorie content of these fruits and vegetables. The high fibre content gives you a feeling of fullness and satiety and makes you less likely to snack on those junks that could blow up your weight. For instance, a research done at Johns Hopkins Hospital on a number of women revealed an amazing weight loss of 20 pounds after a period of 13 weeks of consuming grape fruits. In the same vein, a recent study at Texas Women's University discovered that blueberries help to lower cholesterol levels by fighting fat cells. Are you serious on shedding some extra weight? Then consider adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. Coconut oil has medium-chain triglycerides that burn energy efficiently. According to the Journal of Nutrition, coconut oil aids weight loss when used instead of long-chain triglycerides. Furthermore, in 2010, it was published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition that coconut oil helps to reduce appetite and enhance metabolism thereby promoting a healthy weight loss.

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