Is Syrup Agave a Good Sugar Substitute For Diabetics?

  • Wed 5th Aug 2020 - 5:39am
    That's where I started ... so go rate your Blood Sugar Formula plate. It's a good start and it's not complicated. Weight loss and improved blood glucose levels will happen. You can do this. Take the first step to beat Type 2 diabetes.Now look here, behind those statistics telling the world there is a modern lifestyle disease called type 2 diabetes, there are human beings with feelings and concerns. We know the numbers are increasing, information telling us this is everywhere on the internet. But what about us. What are we supposed to do now. We want to beat it. I had felt fatigued for years, my health care provider had ordered the usual tests. I was told I was healthy. I really didn't want to feel so weary, I had lots planned for my life. What was the problem. Well, last year my health care provider included fasting blood sugars in my annual check up. From there I was sent for a glucose tolerance test; the result of these two tests revealed I was pre-diabetic. I asked how could this be, I'm not overweight, there's no diabetes in my family. Did it really matter, no, because the result is the result. I was told I would probably end up with type 2 diabetes and I needed to go on a low-GI diet. So that's my story ...

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