And Then There Was One!

  • Wed 5th Aug 2020 - 8:22am
    When we follow the signs we realize that Cosmic Spirit Animal we are responsible for what we attract. We can then consciously create the trails that lead to the more spectacular parts of the forest. Life, in turn, will then give us new challenges to bring us to even bigger heights. Not unlike the self improvement of someone who hikes a mountain to get to a gorgeous view, the process challenges us, makes us grow to surmount it, and then rewards us in the end. Say what you will about the meaning of life. Are we here just as god's entertainment. Or are we here to grow, experience, evolve, and develop. Of course, no one knows. But the law of attraction seems to point to the latter. It is a self-sustaining system that shows us that we have control over how it unfolds. We create what we experience and we grow from it- An elegant system indeed! The secret, of course, is to take the reins and guide your life in the direction of your choosing, and to accept the challenges as gifts which will help you to grow. When you do that, the meaning of life is what you make of it, and the law of attraction becomes the ideal tool to create your life exactly as you have always wanted.The shrine of law is the most important treasure of Christianity.

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