Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

  • Tue 22nd Sep 2020 - 10:07am
    Wash your glasses with non abrasive Eyesight Max soap and a soft lint free cloth. The soap will help to clean any dirt or grime on the lenses and the soft cloth will dry the lenses without covering them in lint. This will also stop the lenses from getting scratched during the cleaning process and will keep you seeing clearly for the lifetime of the glasses. Keep your glasses in their case. Chances are you will not sit on and break your glasses if you keep them in the case. Most of the time when glasses get sat on it is the wearer removed their glasses and instead of putting them in their case they placed them on the couch or chair then left the area and returned to find someone else sitting on them of you forget that you left them on the chair and CRUNCH - time for new glasses! Take your glasses with you wherever you go. If you go out take your glasses out also. Getting into this habit of always taking them with you will protect you from mistakes like leaving them in the car on a hot summer day, or leaving them on the bedside table on the say you are supposed to give a big speech in front of hundreds of people. Remember the glasses only work when you are wearing them. Just owning them is not enough.

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