Why Most Christians Are Nominal Christians

  • Thu 24th Sep 2020 - 2:21pm
    Darkness cannot overcome the light. Thought Manifestation Though our lives are poured out in what most would consider as unappreciated unrecognized endeavors those actions of obedience become the seed of change. We must be courageous to take on the task of the hour. How does this culture of the Kingdom of God practically display itself. This Kingdom is on display through our love, selflessness, and sacrificial service; by walking in righteousness, justice, and judgment; by living life in obedience and accountable to the unseen and ongoing influence of our living Lord. There is a specific energy that flows between Twin Flames. It's extraordinary and rare. The frequency that travels between them is distinguishable by vibration, clarity and intensity. Twin Flame relationships are more unique than you may suspect.

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