Buy LSD Online

  • Sat 26th Sep 2020 - 4:07pm
    This post is satirical in nature and meant to educate on the proliferation of scams, misinformation, and traps set up to trick those engaging in illicit or illegal activities online. Malwarebytes does not condone Buy Cocaine Online. Perhaps you’re sitting at work one day when suddenly the thought crosses your mind: You’re going to shift careers to become a drug lord so powerful, it will put Scarface to shame. Given that you’re not currently connected to a network of cocaine suppliers, distributors, and money launderers, you naturally turn to the Internet. But users beware: Those get-rich-quick schemes almost never work out, and that includes cashing in your good citizen chips to sell drugs. And, surprise, surprise, not all websites promising kilos of cocaine with quick shipping are being 100 percent honest with you. Let’s set out and see what we find.

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