TopicOvercome Insecurities and Unveil You

  • Thu 16th May 2019 - 12:21pm

    Go ahead one more step! You find the word attribute. It can tell you a bit lot. If you try to give aOvernight Millionaire System Review definition for your attitude, you find it is closely associated with your attributes. Just think what you are at this particular point of time? It is the sum total of the thoughts, the images and the impressions you acquired on the fine fabric of your brain since your birth, according to which you guide your actions. This is your attribute, in other words, the guiding scale for your attitude. And in a one fine morning some body tell you to change your attitude and you take the climb to mount Everest. This not only blocks you from success, but also give you a life long distress. We must take every precaution to avoid this tough situation.

    Here is a way to take you with all your attitudes. And that is right way to see things. Nature is not a limited entity. An entity by virtue can't include a limitation. It is immensely unlimited. It is very well pleased to provide you a space for your own success without tearing apart your attitudes and attributes, which are the ultimate markers for your personality.Mimicking as an art is nice to watch. But it is highly harmful to adopt it to your workplace and honestly I would be the last person to suggest you such a thing. I want to guide you to success not by mimicking anybody, but by giving a clear note that you are not inferior to anybody. I don't believe or think that success and its thrill is monopolized by someone and that it should go only to a negligent minority. It should be made available to all.

    We have many teachings which tell how you can be a success. But how many of you became successful after reading those? This is a fair analysis. I don't want to do any injustice to my reader. I consciously want to reveal the comprehensive hypocrisy behind to make the readers believe. This is the biggest fault we see in the present day. We are not approaching the question directly. Somebody want to see you in Bill Gates. Some others, want to define you with the theorems of Alfred Einstien. Still a lot, want to take you for a quantum jump.

    But there is a unanimity in everybody. They altogether put their tounges in a single mouth and tell you to change your attitude that will lead you to success. May I take the freedom here to ask you one simple question If I put you on Bill Gates' coat, will you be Bill Gates? To my little knowledge most of the answers will be negative. Because we genetically hate to become clones.I think an analysis of the word attitude is very relevant here. It is very easy to say "change your attitude". But do you know your attitude is the only thing which makes your person an individual identity. The way of your thinking, the way you understand the world, the way you think this thing is right and this thing is wrong, that only makes you different from others. If I take all these from you, then your person cease to exist. This is the simple rule of nature. Should we follow the rule of nature, or should I try to put you on another's trousers?

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