Vitamin D Deficiency - Is Your Blood Pressure High?

  • Fri 14th Jun 2019 - 11:44am

    According to statistics hypertension in the United States killed over StrictionBP   fifty-six thousand people in 2006. Statistics also show that twenty-seven percent of people have hypertension and do not know they have it. You should be aware of the risks of high blood pressure so you can avoid them as best as you can. High blood pressure is a risk for stroke and heart disease. While some risks can be altered or fixed, some cannot. For instance if you are overweight and use tobacco, you are at risk.

    You can easily fix this by trying to stop smoking, exercising and watching your diet to help lose weight. If you have trouble doing either of these on your own, consult your physician. They may be able to prescribe you something or give you useful information to help.

    High blood pressure can cause you to have a stroke. This can happen because the high pressure can break a weak blood vessel allowing it to bleed into the brain. Also if you have a blood clot blocking a narrow artery, you can also experience a stroke. As you age, the arteris in your heart, brain and kidneys start to harden. These harder arteries are associated with hypertension. When this happens your kidneys and heart have to work harder.

    It has recently been reported that a revolutionary operation has been developed that is able to cure high blood pressure. This new technique is not even particularly onerous and can be carried out in less than an hour. Moreover, following this operation, patients who have been dependent on medication for many years would no longer have to take it. This exciting development even offers a modicum of hope to those people for whom treatments so far offered to them had little or no effect. It sounds like a Christmas Day miracle, doesn't it - but, how much of a miracle is it and what are the implications that are likely to occur as the result of this new operation


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