5 Secrets to Achieving Your New Year's Fat-Loss Resolution - Maintain Your Fitness Exercise Program

  • Sat 15th Jun 2019 - 7:49am

    How you prepare your food is also crucial.  Renutra Pro Review  Even if you eat fruits and vegetables but if you put in a lot of heavy condiments such as mayonnaise or mustard, the calories in it can rival that of red meat and carbohydrates-rich foods.

    It does not have to be an extremely challenging workout routine worthy of an athlete. You can life an active lifestyle by having an easier type of routine. Make sure that you incorporate more cardio activities such as running and jogging. These activities burn calories but they do not run you ragged easily. Even if you do one hour of cardio activities, you are still up to another hour of physical fitness. In addition to that, why not try to do something that you are really interested in If it is something that interests you, you will stick to that activity for a longer time.

    In order for me or you to lose nine pounds which is 31500 calories in 11 days, I would have to lower my food intake to zero plus a calorie loss of an additional 5500 calories per day. So instead of eating my normal diet of 1500 - 2000 calories per day, I would have to go without food and burn 5500 more than that, a net loss of 7500 calories per day. Well, they don't want you to go completely without food, so it takes even more work.

    The best way to burn calories is to exercise and control food intake. You have to eat. Maybe not so much, and maybe better choices, but you have to eat. Otherwise your metabolism shuts down and you CAN'T lose any weight. The tough part about their plan is, if you are going to burn calories, you have to do something. It's called exercise. It can be as simple as walking the dog, or you can get one of those machines that they sell on TV that will get you ripped in 2 hours or something like that. You have to get in shape to exercise; you can't just start cold turkey. Your body won't agree to do it. With me, by the time I get in shape enough to exercise off 5500 calories, I'll be very old and unable to do it anyway.



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