Better Eyesight Made Simple With These Salt Reduction Tips

  • Sat 15th Jun 2019 - 12:10pm

    There are 2 aspects to the glasses themselves and they Lutenol   are the lenses and the frame. The lenses within the frame are no longer made of glass, in fact they are made of high-tech plastic, which is stronger than glass, so they do not break as easily and can be added with a UVUltraviolet Coatings. You can even choose scratch proof coatings, as scratches cannot be polished out of lenses.

    The frames can be made with a special metal that can withstand being bent and sat on and even have special hinges fitted to stop the arms of the glasses from coming off if too much force is applied to that area. Gone are the days of taping your glasses to stop them falling apart.

    The type of prescription glasses available to you in the UK are vast, if you are on a budget you can buy from the cheaper prescription glasses or if you have a little bit more to spend and are one of those people that like to look good you can purchase designer frames which come from a whole host of popular high street designer brands.

    You know these will come in the latest styles and colours, so you know you will look good as well as feel good wearing them. Although slightly more expensive than cheaper prescription glasses, designer prescription glasses still offer good value for money with many frames only cost slightly more than the basic frames.

    There are more people than you probably realise who wear glasses. Over 60% of people in the UK wear subscription eyewear with slightly more women than men requiring glasses. As we are now on living longer, more are more of us require eyewear as we get older, the figure goes up quite dramatically above the age of 50 with nearly 90% of people at this age requiring some form of prescription eyewear.


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