TopicHow to Feed Your ADHD And-Or ADD Child So the Child Will Not Need Medication

  • Thu 16th May 2019 - 10:36am

    Interaction with other people, besides family members, is important.  OptiMind   Being included to a larger group of people and getting involved with activities can be effective steps to help the person realize that he is a part of the society and he can live a normal life.

    Support groups can help patients in recovering from the disorder. Giving problem solving and coping strategies for patients can help them in dealing with the problems that they may encounter. Allow them to think and make simple decisions of their own, such as how much to spend on buying a certain thing, which therapist to consult, and whether to pay the electric or phone bill first. In addition, going out and doing various activities can make the patients feel good. They can read interesting books or magazines, watch TV shows, go to movie house, and develop their hobbies. Help them to find something that can make them feel better and busy during their spare time. Entertaining themselves is a great way to stop thinking about their illness and develop other skills in life at the same time.

    The key to successfully recover from this mental disorder is to continue the patient's therapy. It is important to use the empowerment method of recovery which is believed to be an excellent alternative to taking antipsychotic drugs. However, recovering from a mental illness without the help of a therapist is basically useless. Expert's advice is a crucial factor to guide the ill person through these different ways in dealing with the setbacks.


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