TopicError in Quicken for Mac: The attempt to download from this institution has failed.

  • Fri 14th Feb 2020 - 11:52am


    While downloading data from your financial institution using Quicken for Mac, you may receive the following message: The attempt to download from this institution has failed (2001 The parameters provided to this api are not valid (key = accountID)). Please try again later.


    This issue can be caused by accounts in Quicken being activated for Quicken Connect, but no longer exist on the Quicken servers. This condition can occur if the accounts are deactivated, and then you open a copy of the file, or restore a backup of the file where the accounts were still activated. Quicken will attempt to connect to the accounts on the server, and if they are not there, it will return the above error.

    To resolve this error, you will need to deactivate and reactivate your accounts.

    Deactivating The Affected Accounts:

    1. Click on the account name for your account (s) in the Accounts toolbar in Quicken.
    2. Click the Settings icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
    3. Under the At Your Financial Institution section, click on Troubleshooting.
    4. Click on Deactivate Downloads.
    5. Once Quicken has discovered your list of accounts, you will have the option to link them to the existing accounts already in Quicken.

           · In the Action column of the Accounts Found window, select the appropriate existing account to link.

           · In the Type column, choose the correct account type for each account from the dropdown menus.

    6. Once you have linked all existing accounts for this bank, click on Continue to complete the     

        activation process for your accounts, and then click Finish.
    7. Repeat these steps for each bank needing to be reactivated.

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  • Fri 14th Feb 2020 - 12:10pm


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