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    Right sided this can cause Fungus Hacks    blockage and congestion in the systemic network of capillaries of our body. Hence excess fluid begins to accumulate in the body. This can cause swelling in foot and the ankle. Patients can also experience the frequent bouts of urinations at night. This is known as Nocturia, in which the fluid from the leg returns to the blood when the patient is lying down. In some cases fluid can tend to accumulate in the abdomen and hepatomegaly-enlargement of the liver can also occur. Coagulopathy (decreased blood clotting), jaundice and liver congestion are also symptoms of right sided heart failure.

    this is common in developing countries. Symptoms of Heart failure occur at any age and only increases with age. Early symptom detection increases chances of reversing the affects of this.this being a common disease, if not cared for can ultimately lead to death of an individual. The procedures and treatments are costly while they help in prolonging and giving relief to the affected persons. In the UK 2 percent of the total expenditure of the National Health Service is due to the hospitalization in cases related to Heart Failure. In the US 35 Billion dollars is the estimated expenditure for treatment of this.Heart Failure not only has a long standing effect on the physical capacity of the patients. Even the mental health is affected. Thus is decreases the quality of ones life. And the condition in most cases deteriorates with time, with the exception of the conditions in which heart failure is reversible and the symptoms are detected early.

    Maybe there were times when you really wanted to flaunt a wash-board stomach, toned and tight inner thighs in a bikini if you are a girl or in a spandex if you are a guy. May be you wanted to show off that elegant back as a girl or those triangular deltoids, trapezoids and rhomboids on your back as a guy, but there was nothing much you could do, because your current accompaniments - the bulges, the tiers, the dimpled cellulite, and the dangling fats were there, non-detachable and very much visible, making you cringe in shame and agony, while that well-toned cutie something, on whom you had a crush, failed to even notice you and simply walked away with another slim, trim, toned and elegant partner.Rude but true. Isn't it? So what are you going to do about it? Nothing? If you agree, then let me share with you, as to what other nightmares are in store for you if you do not choose to retract on your steps and start taking care of yourself, your mind and your body NOW!

    In this article, you will know not just the short-term, but also the long-term implications of obesity. If you are overweight, beyond a point, thereby making you obese, and you also do not have a healthy diet preference or a healthy lifestyle, then you are directly exposing yourself to over 30 medically deadly health conditions. You are also permanently ripping yourself of every possibility of an elegant, muscular, healthy and attractive figure, vigor and vitality.It may be a temporary pleasure, munching your way to glory, peacefully resting in one corner like a king enjoying his days of luxury, but have you ever imagined how literally physically painful these pounds of weight are going to be for you, once the health complications start showing up? Not only will you make your body building dreams impossible, you will also be writhing in pain, as a result of the consequences of obesity.



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