TopicSurvival Skills - How to Choose a Good Campsite

  • Mon 22nd Apr 2019 - 8:00am

    Nevertheless, when traveling on a bus, be it day or night, these seven tips will be helpful Combat Shooter System Review in keeping you safe.Travel With A FriendAs much as possible and especially in the evening, it is a good idea to travel with a friend. This companion may be able to help you if a problem arises and vice versa and generally speaking, always take a look around you so as to become aware of what is going on in your surroundings.Money In Hand

    Instead of waiting until you are on the bus to look for the fare, take it out well in advance and put it into your pocket or hold it in your hand. This will not only help in getting you to your seat and the vehicle moving quickly, but it will keep you from exposing your purse/wallet to others.This will prevent others from seeing what's inside it, as well as, where you would have put it.Close To Driver

    If a seat close to the driver is available, take it and although passengers are discouraged from talking with him/her while driving, if a problem occur, this person is in charge of the vehicle and reaching him/her as quickly as possible may be advantageous.Additionally, he/she is sitting close to an exit and if you need to get out quickly, you will be able to do so quickly.Look For ExitsUpon entering the vehicle, take a quick look around to see how many doors there are and to see if there are any emergency exits.

    If you cannot sit, close to the driver, look for a seat that is close to one of the other exits.No ValuablesAlthough you may have a cellular phone and perhaps an ipod with you, it is a good idea to keep them in a discrete place. This will help to keep temptation away from those who may want to take away what is yours.Perhaps you can put the phone on vibrate, until you arrive at your destination and instead of holding the ipod in your hand put it into your pocket, with as much of the cord as you can, so as to keep it from obstructing your movement.


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