Panda Hats Are Simply Irresistible!

  • Sat 11th May 2019 - 6:14am

    As I was growing up I really wasn't encouraged to play very much. If I was Brain Training For Dogs Review  enjoying myself too much at something it usually meant that I would get into trouble, so I learned to keep a low profile, which meant keeping quiet, keeping out of the way and doing things that were quieter and more serious, such as reading. I do love reading, but those early restrictions made it more difficult as I got older to know how to really relax and have fun - since for me the programming was that having fun meant getting in trouble.

    I have learned the importance of play though, and I have also learned that what might be fun for others may not necessarily be fun for me, but the important thing is to know what you do enjoy doing and to make sure you create time for it.

    Since I am passionate about personal growth (which is why I do what I do) the best forms of play for me involve growth of some kind. For example, I love to play tennis. It's not only fun, but it's very social too, as I get to meet new people and after our matches we usually stay around to chat and have a glass of wine and something to eat. But tennis also involves a lot of growth too, I work not only to improve my tennis play, but my mental attitude when I play. Sometimes it doesn't matter how good your shots are, you can lose a match mentally.

    Perhaps you love to spend time playing with your children, or grandchildren, or pets. Or perhaps you love to play sports or getting together with friends or family. Whatever it is you love to do, the important thing is to schedule the time to do it. If your life is particularly stressful and you think you can't find the time to play, that's the time you need to do it even more.


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