Getting Married With Children

  • Sat 11th May 2019 - 10:59am

    So you ask him to do the dishes, and explain to him, as if he is a child, The Ex Factor Guide Review  "It's only fair, after all, I do the dishes when you cook." Of course, you can be sure of the fact that he expects you to do whatever he asks of you, whenever he asks you to do it. There will be a long list of requests, from menial chores to sex on demand; and if you aren't catering to him at the "drop of a hat", you can be sure you'll have his anger to deal with. And don't even think of using the "memory lapse" excuse with him. He will accuse you of "never doing anything he ever asks you to do", and rage at you about being selfish. It will be futile to discuss the situation with him because doing so will only escalate things into a full blown out fight.

    He will ultimately take a simple act of "you not doing one thing he asks of you" and turn it into your defiance of him. He will accuse you of not loving him and wanting to end the relationship/marriage. His extreme reaction to your resistance to doing whatever he asks of you, regardless of how justifiable that resistance is, will be so emotionally painful to deal with, that you will ultimately give in to doing whatever he asks of you, just to maintain your sanity. And this is how he gets total control over you. You will fear his anger.

    You Must Always Ask His Permission It won't be long before you wise up and realize that, in order to get him to do something, you must ask him it in a way that sounds like you are asking his permission. Yes, you must act like you are the child and he is the parent. Of course, this is not a healthy way to have a relationship with a partner, but it is the only way to survive emotionally with a controlling man.

    No matter how important your request is, he will either use memory loss as an excuse for not doing it or completely deny the fact that you asked him to do it. But, if you ask him in a way that makes it sound like your asking permission, "Is it okay if we do 'such and such' today?", he may actually agree to do it. Otherwise, don't hold your breath about him ever doing anything you ask him to do.


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