What Is 20/20 Vision? The Meanings of The Different Visual Acuities

  • Thu 13th Jun 2019 - 5:29am

    Computers or other digital devices with LED or back lit screens Lutenol Review emit harmful blue violet light that can damage eyesight on the long run. The effects of these harmful lights can be eye strain eye fatigue dry eyes blurry vision and head & back ache. People who work in front of computers or stare at computers whole day need protection to ensure that their eyes work well for years to come. The ways to ensure good vision for computer users is by using specially designed computer spectacles or computer glasses.

    Computer glasses are made specifically for people who spend hours before their computer. Usually computer glasses come with two basic properties anti reflection and special tinted. Computer screens emit high amounts of light and eyes have to bear this constant light. Eye fatigue and strain is normally associated with this high amount of light and this makes computer glasses really beneficial. Anti reflection coating for the computer glasses makes it reflect the lights from the screen and provide the eyes a better image. This reduces eye strain and fatigue.

    Also most computer glasses come with specifically developed tints to reduce the effects of digital screens and the blueviolet lights. These tints also increase contrasts and help subdue the effects of harsh lighting and reflections.Also many doctors prescribe single vision modified lenses that adjust your vision and give the largest field of view to help eyes see well. So it is suggested that one should not use reading glasses as computer glasses since they are not suitable for computer work.

    Even after using computer glasses one might feel eye strain and fatigue. But theres a way to reduce the straining and keep eyes healthy for long. Doctors prescribe that after 20 minutes of close computer screen work one should take their eyes off the screens for 20 seconds and try focusing on an object 20 feet away. This helps keep your eyes working correctly for longer. Also eye examinations at regular intervals and eye drops can help relieve many eye problems.



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