TopicIs Puppy Nipping a Problem For You? Why You Should Stop This Behaviour Now!

  • Fri 12th Jul 2019 - 7:45am

    Your skin is more sensitive than a puppy, so teach yourDoggy Dans Online Dog Trainer puppy or dog to control nip pressure. Play with him, but when he nips too hard shout "NO" and loudly in pain. Turn your back to him, get up and walk away, face and eyes averted. Do not speak or touch him for 30 seconds - long enough for the lesson to sink in, but not so long that he forgot and started playing with something else.Also, your dog needs chew toys. When playing with him, if he snaps your hand or face, say a sharp, "No!" When he stops, give him the chew, and when his jaws close around it, praise him.If your dog is over excited and keeps nipping, give 'time out'. Take him to his crate or a small room and leave him alone there for five minutes. Resume play but tone it down until he can tolerate play without nipping.

    High energy herd breeds are naturally overexcited and mouthy so no contact play like Frisbee or fetch works best. Avoid rough play like slap-boxing or rough wrestling. Keep games friendly and low key.I know many dog and puppy owners who are afraid to take their dogs out in public because of their fear that their animal may bite another dog or even a person. If you think you may have a dog or puppy who could be tempted in doing this then you MUST take action now before it is to late. When you first get your puppy it is imperative that you introduce your puppy to as many people and other dogs as possible, this will make him more socially aware and you will find that you have much less problems in the future. If you are not willing to do this then you really need to consider if a puppy or dog is for you.

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