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  • Fri 12th Jul 2019 - 10:27am

    Genuine Internet money: is there such a thing?      Starting From Zero 2.0  The internet has become so saturated with products proclaiming to be the sole way to make real money online, that is difficult to know whether there is any truth to what they are saying or not. One of the problems of marketing is that people have no trouble lying about their competitors! With the internet, marketing is so cheap or does not cost anything at all so hundreds of thousands of people are selling something now - and all jostling with each other for the limelight, all trying to downplay their competitors! I am reminded of the Gold Rush days, when it was a free-for-all. Mind you, Wall Street is not that different today, is it?

    In a world of commerce where products cannot be seen before they are bought, is there any way of knowing which ones are genuine, which ones really provide opportunities to make money at all, let alone to make a lot? Yes there is. But that knowledge is going to be determined in five ways. The first is in taking a close look at the marketing; then at the product (or what is promised); then at what is needed to make the product work. The next step is to see how realistic you are about making real money on the internet, and finally how much the product costs, do you have the money or not?

    First the marketing: there was a time when if a product was over-hyped, it was a good indication that the marketing was all a lie. I do not believe that is true any more. I think the hype is just an indication of how hard it is to get potential customers' attention when every marketer has access to the same tools! Capitals, bold, italics, exclamation marks, various fonts, video! I've said it before, disregard the hype, it tells you nothing important, either negative or positive. Go straight to the information part of the marketing - what does the product offer? Tools? Software? Training manuals? Do these offerings give you access to the market you want to develop? If not, move on without regret.

    If you like the product, assess the level of your knowledge and experience. This is very important, because a product is only as good as your ability to work with it. If you have no knowledge, make sure the product does not need you to have any.

    Once you have picked your product and matched it to your needs and the level of your expertise, look at your own attitude towards how to make good money. Do you believe it somehow will happen magically overnight? If yes, chances are the hype has got to you! But do not be disheartened. Any kind of commerce takes some sort of time frame to establish, because even if our product is doing everything for us, we have to work out how to work with it. Enthusiasm and high expectation of success are important, but so is patience, being practical, and understanding that time is a factor in reaching that success.




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