10 best sex tips

  • Tue 4th Aug 2020 - 10:20am
    1: Sex is not a game. We hope that some things can be very efficient, but we have to admit that the following advice is correct: slow down, boys! "Sex is not a game, so explore her slowly" 2: The commendable head massage advice for men about head massage. The girl really enjoys the feeling of having a head massage, which can transfer the numbness from her scalp all the way down to know where. 3: Work together. We work together with your close lover to improve hormone levels and relieve anxiety-the perfect storm of satisfying and relaxing sex.  4: What do we most want them to say in bed? It's a compliment!   5: Pay attention to the feet If your husband suddenly decides to do a foot massage for you before going to bed, he may have learned four important tips to help women reach orgasm. 6: Dancing lightly Dancing slowly is a long-forgotten part of human temptation. It has now become an outdated fashion in the campus disco. We want to re-advocate it and say, great!  7: Pretend-going to bed is simple and fun. If it doesn't feel right, just laugh it off.  8: Choose music wisely. Music can arouse and destroy emotions, so we like this suggestion. It is actually a program player for romantic music: "Make a list of music that can be played all night. These can be used as background. 9: Go with the flow and go with the flow is often a key factor that many sexual partners fail to notice after a period of time. Because of its convenience, the bed is used most frequently. But no matter where it is, it doesn't matter even if you always love in the kitchen, it will become disgusting. Capture opportunities that arise at any time and break the rule of sex life. 10: Boldly try new positions, Hush! Have you and he used the same posture for many years? Change it Click here: sex doll

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