TopicHow Yoga Helps Muscle Growth

  • Sat 16th Mar 2019 - 5:37am

    Quickly go tell all your non-Yoga friends that they better start doing Yoga poses if they want to start building muscle.... Yoga Quest Review what? I can hear you now!There are many parts of Yoga (8 parts in fact), but here we are only concerned with the Yogic benefits of muscle stretching and body resistance training to really allow you to develop to another level of muscle building.Leading by example are two actors (with nicely buffed bodies) that regularly practice this ancient Indian exercise is Matthew McConaughey and Spiderman's Tobey Maguire.Both having lean muscular and athletic bodies.


    In your younger days you were probably very flexible but as you aged, your body decided that stiffer shorter muscles were the way to go.In your teens, your lower vertebrae starts to fuse, your hamstrings are no longer strings but more like surf boards, stiff and less flexible.So for most of us adulthood brings on poor flexibility preventing a full range of motion in exercise, so we end up with limiting our results.

    IF YOU DON'T GO ALL THE WAY DOWN ON A BARBELL SQUAT - TRY THIS!Not performing a full range of motion means missing out on the full benefit of the exercise.
    For your next Squat: - Lighten the load and go all the way down and then up and feel the difference.The price of tight muscles is that you get less muscle growth from the same strength-training effort.Yoga stretching helps circulates the blood through out your limbs, it counteracts tightness and promotes a better recovery after exercising.A quicker recovery mean you can train again sooner.

    WHY and HOW?

    Strength through yogic stretching is directly related to your Golgi Tendon Reflex threshold. Not to be confused with Tibetan Gogi berries, that's another post all together.The tendons are called Golgi Tendon Organs (GTOs), these are nerve endings within your tendons that deactivate or shuts down your muscles when you try to lift weights which are too heavy.

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