TopicKeto Bliss Cross Country Skiers start

  • Thu 30th May 2019 - 9:58am

    Keto Bliss Cross Country Skiers start through standing with legs staggered (one leg in front and Keto Bliss alternative in back, some feet in between each other). Quickly shift your feet and your palms (in opposing directions) in a continuous way maintaining your abdominals tight Keto Bliss complete time.

    Hopscotch Drill begins via standing along with your toes a shoulder width aside. Hop one foot ahead after which landing on both ft lower back. Continue to hop ahead on Keto Bliss alternative leg after which touchdown again on each toe. Continue this repeating pattern. Repeater Knee Lifts get up straight and lift one knee up to chest height. Quickly faucet that lifting leg lower back to Keto Bliss ground at a moderate angle in Keto Bliss back of you and quickly pick that leg up once more permitting Keto Bliss knee to return up to chest top. Use your hands to add extra depth by using bringing them up and down in opposite motion of Keto Bliss knee. 



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